Our sets
an assortment of complete kits in a new shockproof rigid plastic container with barcode, specific kits for electric screwing machines, for drilling, complete sets for grinding, fastening, modelling, tool kits for drilling iron, walls and wood.

Our tools
we offer a wide range of tools for drilling, grinding, perforating, buffing, sanding, polishing, engraving, tools in different types of steel, grinding discs with various grains, brushes with various hardnesses for buffing or cloths for polishing, titanium-coated drilling points, points for walls and cement, cutters and points for wood.

Our machines
a special line of sets created for diy applications, includes small sanding machines, 230v- 130 watt machines or 230volt machines with an operating current of 12v, safe and functional precision machines with a vast choice of accessories already included or that can be purchased separately.

For large surfaces
we design single plants and exhibiting units for large distribution, we organise a space for all our products, we present a range of cutting tools for iron, wall, wood in single pieces and complete multi-piece kits.